The Best FREE Online Courses in Fitness and Nutrition

Not ready to commit $800 (or more) to a nutrition certification course? Then start out with one of these useful, informative courses from respected institutions – free!

There are free courses from traditional universities as well as Precision Nutrition.

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Nutrition and Health: Macronutrients and Overnutrition

Learn the fundamentals of nutrition and its impact on human health.

This course is from Sander Kersten, a professor in the Division of Human Nutrition at Wageningen University & Research. Wageningen University & Research is a Dutch public university in Wageningen, Netherlands. It consists of Wageningen University and the former agricultural research institutes of the Dutch Ministry of Agriculture.

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Nutrition and Health: Micronutrients and Malnutrition

Learn about malnutrition and micronutrients and how they impact human health.

This course is brought to you by the following professors from Wageningen University & Research:

Sander Kersten
Professor, Division of Human Nutrition

Alida Melse
Assistant Professor, Division of Human Nutrition

Inge Brouwer
Associate Professor, Division of Human Nutrition

Guido Hooiveld
Assistant Professor, Division of Human Nutrition

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Nutrition and Wellbeing

Demystify the complex and conflicting messages we hear about nutrition, health and lifestyle today, with this free online course.

Presented by Dr Alexandra Mavroeidi, an expert in exercise, nutrition and bone health, and Dr Alexandra Johnstone, who leads research on appetite across the lifecourse, with recent emphasis on high protein diets. Both are from the University of Aberdeen.

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Precision Nutrition’s 5-Day Nutrition Coaching Course

Sign up for this FREE 5-Day Nutrition Coaching Course and you’ll learn:

  • What nutrition/lifestyle advice you can actually give.
  • How to get clients to follow that advice.
  • How to assess your client’s needs.
  • How to give advice based on that assessment.
  • What to measure and exactly how to measure it.
  • How to optimize a plan based on those measures.

Plus, they share the 30+ nutrition and lifestyle questionnaires, assessments, and worksheets used every day at Precision Nutrition.

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It’s unfortunate that neither Stanford nor MIT have any free online nutrition courses (because they have other courses that are top-notch). Still, there are a few nutrition courses out there to help with your basic nutrition knowledge.

If you are trying to learn how to be a better coach, I highly recommend the Precision Nutrition course.


Know of any other classes? Please leave a comment below.

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